cumin seed water benefits for weight loss


Effectiveness of jeera water

Are you worried about your increased weight? trying to find a natural solution? Then jeera water would be the simplest and best solution for you. Researchers have shown that jeera water is very effective for weight loss.
Cumin is a popular spice used in all over the world and it comes with many health benefits.
It is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and  B-Complex and this seed contain minerals like iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium.
Cumin also boosts your metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, and helps decrease your blood glucose. Studies confirm that consuming ground cumin helps some people that try to losing weight.

Jeera water for weight loss

Jeera water is extremely effective in weight loss. Regular consumption of Jeera water aids in better digestion because it is liable for breaking down large molecules into small molecules. This helps to stop gas and acidity and keeps your weight in check. It’s an honest source of dietary fibers. Jeera water flushes toxins from the body. Thus helps in reducing weight.
Jeera water doesn’t target one area of your body, like your stomach, to blast fat while it helps to scale back overall fat deposits on your body.

Jeera water recipe for weight loss

jeera water


2cups water and 1heaped tsp jeera.

Soak jeera seeds in water overnight and boil it. Filter and cool it down. Then take a glass of jeera water in the morning. You can take jeera water in an empty stomach with lemon juice for better results.

Side effects :

Jeera water is not suitable for all. Few side-effects of jeera water below.

  • A pregnant lady must consult the doctor before taking jeera water. Excessive amount may cause miscarriage
  • An excessive amount of jeera may damage your liver and kidney.
  • If you are allergic to jeera seeds, you should avoid drinking jeera water


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