Blaming is a way of being a victim…..

No resentment, but it’s life …

More important than your friends, although it is your mind. If you find yourself thinking negatively, it’s time for an update.

We all have moments when we look at a situation and tend to see the negative side of things.

being victim

It is human nature that we all fall into that trap.

But if you find yourself criticizing more often than seeing the positive side of things, then the problem starts in your mind.

Your thoughts are so powerful because they feed your behavior.

The best way to analyze your thoughts is through mediation or mindfulness.

Just watch where your mind goes when you have a moment of silence.Blaming is a way of being a victim. If everything is happening for someone else,

When you are not cheating but you are accused of it, there are three typical sources of your partner’s accusations:

Fear and insecurity based on their respective past or current problems that mean they do not feel safe and secure.
Confuse certain behaviors of you as indicators of cheating, so hypersensitivity.
They are cheating
Fear and insecurity
Relationships must be based on mutual love, care, trust and respect. This creates space for honesty and intimacy. Understandably, a partner may feel a little nervous about whether it has really changed or if this is a serial habit. It explains why self-awareness about how past behaviors affected the results of the relationship is vital.

If they have been deceived before, it significantly impacts their ability to trust and be intimate if they have not overcome it.

When emotional baggage is so present that it affects someone’s ability to treat you with love, care, trust and respect for the merit of who you are, a healthy and mutual relationship will not happen.

If someone’s emotional baggage prevents them from trusting, they have to do the work to address it. This is vital to understand because otherwise, you can hold him accountable for his “fixation” and healing. You will, please try to “prove” that you are “loyal.” That is not your j.o.b. and you are ignoring your needs in the process. This will only lead to pain and resentment.

When someone does not trust you and is insecure about the relationship, they try to get comfort and evidence from you. Unfortunately, this is a temporary guarantee against your doubts. The next time they feel insecure or distrustful, the cycle will begin again.
No matter how empathetic and compassionate you are, your patience will run out if you have to defend yourself and be punished.

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