The importance of being liked

We all want to be liked and how do we take this concept of likeability and apply it to real life relationship .

KEY TO BEING LIKABLE : whether you are a business owner who wants your employee to learn effective relationship building skills ,or on a first date and hoping to have a second , being likable is key.

while it obviously takes time to fully trust and feel safe in any relationship .it is much quicker process to start by connecting and getting the other person to like you . We can create that instant connection with an employee, a customer , or even a first date , when we make a conscious effort to actively understand the other person and connect with their experience.

Regardless of the type of relationship , in your business or your personal ,life , it is all the same strategy . Pay attention , listen and validate . Let the other person know that what what they are saying and how they are feeling matters to you , and you will be on you way ..

kiran tiku

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