Overeating in winter …..

Here in Delhi its winter again, and i know it very well that my body does not need any extra calories, but i find myself eating constantly and working out less . Most of the time, we urge to over eat subconsciously and store more fat specially in winter .
Causes—Our body burns more calories to fight the cold. , and to avoid the shivers we grab a calorie-loaded hot food, cookies, and same time we are less likely to maintain outdoor activities and exercises to avoid the chills . One more reason for overeating is dehydration . Yes It is hard to believe but our bodies can easily become dehydrated in winter, due to overdressing and many layers of clothes, and we sweat as much in winter as we do during others seasons
Tips to stop overeating ..
Drink hot teas, soups with lots of vegetables to warm up without consuming many calories . Coffee also work as natural caffeine which boosts metabolism and warm up our body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water and fluids each day to regulate body temperature . Do at least 15 minutes exercise or yoga if you are not willing to go out .


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