Positive thinking is empowering, positive action is achieving.

The opposite of sunshine is dark , the coin has 2 sides , there is each positive and negative , we want a balance of the 2 to attain real enlightenment !!

as the previous spoken language goes , arrange for the worst , hope for the simplest and expect one thing in between

learn as I even have to balance between each the and and negatives and derive energy from each to develop real power and understanding.

we should learn to not concern the dark it offers the sunshine an area to shine even as death may be a means that to associate finish.

without unhappiness and pain there would be nothing for North American country to match the great things in life

how several people go around talking solely of neutrality or basis ? lets learn to face reality and take care of what’s real

 target the instant.

 The challenges that return on from time to time square measure a take a look at of our temperament to stretch and alter. The worst factor you’ll be able to do is to ignore things or procrastinate in developing solutions. The challenge is here and therefore the issue is currently. Focus your energy on this moment; do not lose what’s right before you. once you target the instant you return to appreciate wherever you’ve got the foremost power to create things right.

Challenge yourself.

 Albert Einstein once same, “One mustn’t pursue goals that square measure simply achieved. One should develop associate instinct for what one will simply barely reach through one’s greatest efforts.” Underestimating yourself and enjoying it safe hold you back from success. once you believe yourself and your skillsyou frequently will transcend the conceivable.

4 Respond absolutely. you can’t management everything that comes your meanshowever you’re in absolute management of however you react to everything that comes your means. What happens to you is necessary–but not as important as your response.

Be aware.

 heedfulness means that taking management of your focus and being intentional regarding what you provide your attention to. whether or not it’s associate feeling, a thought, a belief, an impulse, or one thing within the settingheedfulness calls North American country to approaching everything with a curious, nonjudgmental, open, and acceptive angle. To be the foremost resilient and mentally robustbuild the time to be aware therefore you’ll be able to target what you really wish.

Happy positive thinking!

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